Five Ways to Find More Students to Teach Online

Working as an online tutor is a very rewarding job! Running your own school and teaching students the skills that they need can be one of the best decisions that you ever make.

We have been working in the teaching business for 15 years – and one of the questions we are asked most is; How do I find more students?”

This is quite a tough question to answer at first glance. However, over the years, and after helping hundreds of online tutors, we have put together a few tips on how to find more students for your online teaching business!

1. Look at your business from the customer’s perspective

It can be very easy to be so focused on your own business that you forget why you set up your business in the first place; your customer. What does your customer want from your service? Ensure that your marketing strategy has your customer in mind; from your website to your social media presence! Take a step back, consider yourself a potential student, and think about what you would expect from an online teacher/tutor.

2. What sets you apart?

The marketplace for online tutors is growing; therefore, you have to know what sets you apart from the crowd. Once you identify your unique selling point (USP) and understand what sets you apart, market it strongly. Be sure to let every potential student know what makes you better than your competition.

3. What is in your teaching toolbox?

What are you doing in your lessons that make it interesting and different? Sure, it is good to have tools such as Skype or Zoom, but are they enough? Can you use an interactive whiteboard? Are your resources interactive? Are they all in one place and easy to access? If not, you may benefit from an LMS. Having the right tools for the right job and making them easy to access portrays an image of a professional, successful business which is exactly what you need to do to get new customers. And again think about what you can do differently in your lessons to make your students want to come back for more. 

4. Spread the word

It’s one thing letting students come to you, but they won’t find you unless you are marketing your services well! Put the word out there and help potential students to find you! One of the best ways to do this is to obtain student reviews and testimonials. Free trials and giving away some content away for free through your blog or email marketing.

5. Narrow down your target market

If you spread your net too far and wide, you are likely to catch less. The smaller you narrow your target market down, the easier it will be to attract new language students! Going back to our point about your unique selling point, think long and hard about who will benefit from your style of teaching and who will learn the most from what you can offer! This step is crucial when starting your own business so make sure you get it right from the beginning.

Having worked in training and facilitating for over 15 years, we have the skills and expertise to help you identify your unique selling point and identify your niche market. Be sure to put us to good use and allow us to support you as your online tutoring business grows!

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