7+2 reasons why you need the Foreign Language Assessment platform

Tests, quizzes, exams, assessments, mid-year tests, placement tests. Call them what you like, they are a necessary part of the learning process. But printing or photocopying every one of them and then manually correcting them is a time-consuming process. If you have ever tracked your employees’ or your time spent on various projects you will find that you and your office staff are constantly printing and copying and your teachers are correcting quizzes and tests.

This is why you need to automate your assessment process. Not only will you save hundreds of dollars on printing and paper, your office staff will have more time to service your customers and your teachers will have more time to spend on preparing engaging lessons and attending professional development events.

Assessment Automation: sounds complicated and costly but it’s not!

Our online Foreign Language Assessment platform is the solution you need and here is why:

1. Branding

It has a neutral design allowing you to add your own branding to your assessment pages. We will add a responsive image header to your assessment.

2. Peace of mind

We take all the hassle out of hosting, maintenance and administration. We use software used by millions of users all over the world so your assessment platform will be compatible with other hardware and software for years to come.

3. Save time and money

No more paper, manual marking of quizzes and calculating scores. We generate reports with the info you need. Not only will you do your part in protecting the environment, you will save money on resources which you can allocate elsewhere.

4. Quality and continuous improvement

No need to wonder if your tests are effective. The quiz report statistics show you how well your quizzes discriminate between students of different ability and if your tests as a whole are homogenous.

5. Flexible enrolment options

You can allow self-enrolment of students or make your life even easier by getting Lectimo to create user accounts for your students. We will set up all accounts and all you need to do is give each student their unique (or generic) username and password when it is time to take the quiz.

6. Reuse material

We all know that when teaching foreign languages you will often teach the same concepts over and over to many classes. With the Foreign Language Assessment platform, you can make good use of the material you have created and save even more time. All questions are stored and organised in your question bank. You can easily reuse the questions in another quiz or select the option to add a number of random questions each time.

7. Easy to administer

The majority of language schools have a computer room or allow students to BYOD (bring your own device). Our assessment platform is responsive and works on all devices including mobile phones. Students can take their test at school or even do their revision quiz at home as a way of reinforcing learning.

BONUS 2 reasons

1. Minimum computer skills required
Students of all ages can take quizzes on the platform. There are over 10 different question types and typing skills are not required for many of them.

2. Great selling point
First impressions matter. When a new enquiry walks through the door, you want to make sure you are presenting your business as a modern, organised and efficient business. Getting the learner to take the placement test there and then so you can then make a recommendation and close the deal as soon as possible is important. This is especially useful for young learners. While the student takes the placement test, you can continue your discussion with the parent and get to know them.

If you are still contemplating on getting a learning platform for your school, assessment automation is a great first stepping stone before you go all in. One you have seen first hand how much time you have saved, you will have no doubts about investing in an LMS.

There are many things you can do on the Foreign Language Assessment Platform. You can:

  • host your branded Placement Tests
  • provide access to your revision material before an exam
  • host your mid-term/end of year exams
  • ask us to create tests for you

Want a sneak peek of the platform we use in our school?

Contact us for an obligation-free tour of one of our assessment platforms so you can stop wasting hundreds of dollars on your school’s placement tests and exams.