Bring your online classes to life with ManyCam

ManyCam is webcam software that can bring your online classes to life. It is the tool every language teacher should have in their toolbox.

The problem

If you have ever taught online you know the challenges:

  • You are constantly creating new props and organising them for easy access
  • You need to show your students something online but are using your phone because your software doesn’t allow screen sharing
  • 10 minutes in and you can see the first signs of your student phasing out – online classes are hard work!

The Solution

Manycam is the perfect software for online teachers. Here is just a short list of what you can do:

  • Add or create your own borders/virtual backgrounds to your camera.
  • Add multiple video sources: First, they see you, then you can quickly switch to one YouTube video then another. No need to switch to a browser!
  • Share your screen and your webcam
  • Split the screen
  • Pre-record classes (or screencast)
  • Use online reward systems with the already installed icons/your own uploads
  • You can even use it with Skype!

Get ManyCam Standard Lifetime here

or turn your computer into a professional live streaming studio:

Get ManyCam Studio Lifetime here


Are you ready to make your classes more engaging?

Don’t forget to try my all time favourite: The Green Screen!
Pretend you are teaching in a library, a city or even on a beach!

If you teach online and have a webcam then you are good to go! Click on the image to get started.

Here are a few links to videos to help you get the most out of ManyCam

Getting started with ManyCam

How to add effects and 3D masks with ManyCam 6

How to add a YouTube video within ManyCam


Note: We are a professional blog for language schools, training providers and RTOs (Registered Training Organisations). We have thoroughly tested this product and used it in our own classrooms. This blog post contains affiliate links.