Most training businesses believe these myths about learning platforms

Who needs a Learning Platform anyway?

Over the years I have heard many owners, Directors of Studies, Principals and Training Managers raise objections to implementing an LMS in their business. Until they hear all the facts. The truth is that there are many misconceptions out there about Learning Management Systems or Learning Platforms as they are often called.

So what is a learning platform?

A learning platform is most commonly referred to as an LMS, short for Learning Management System. It is a set of online, interactive services that provide teachers, learners, parents and other staff with the information and tools they need for their educational and training programs. An LMS is a powerful tool we use for the documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of our courses.

Training is resource intensive and having a well-organised platform is crucial to all departments in your business whether you have several members of staff, just a couple or even if it’s just you.

You can find a lot of information about LMSs online but it may not always be accurate or suitable for your business size or industry. These are the 3 most common misconceptions language school owners and staff need to know about:

MYTH#1 It’s not for me, I have a small business

Fact: Small businesses are the ones that can benefit the most from having an LMS!

Would you prefer to be up all night creating reports and correcting quizzes or would you rather have this automated and be able to access the information at the click of a button? There is not much you can’t do these days in your LMS and when time is limited, efficiency is key.

MYTH#2 I am not good with technology. It’s not for me!

Fact: Once you have everything set up and running, there is not much you need to know so you can access the LMS. If you can handle basic tasks like sending emails, posting on social media and googling, you can access your online school software. You can be as much or as little involved as you want to. For example, our tailor-made packages include live training, online support and embedded how-tos. If you want even more free time, delegate LMS tasks to the Lectimo team.

MYTH#3 It’s too expensive

Fact: This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. I even know of a couple of independent tutors who use an LMS and still make a profit. There are many options available with flexible pricing which is adapted to your specific requirements taking into account the number of users, storage space, add on services etc.


It is an A.MA.ZING selling point, especially for smaller businesses trying to compete with the larger organisations in their area/field.

1. It shows your customers they will not be missing out on anything by choosing a smaller organisation since you, too can offer supplementary material online on a well organised and presented platform.
2. Your platform is branded to portray an image of a comprehensive and professional educational organisation.
3.  Teaching young children? Parents will fall in love with it if you provide supplementary revision material for their kids.

Imagine how YOU could transform your business if you automated some of the most time-consuming tasks and had time to focus on the big picture!

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