Hello world!

Hello world …

It’s the phrase we see on any template, demo or tutorial. The first stepping stone for every programmer and by default the title of the example blog post in WordPress. A cliché if ever there was one, right? But what better phrase to introduce myself and Lectimo to the world?

So …  Hello World, it is!

I’ll go into detail about my experience and how Lectimo Training and Coaching can help you in a later post. But for now here is what you need to know:

In the past 15 years, I have taught English, worked as an independent tutor both online and offline, run language schools, delivered training in both hemispheres and created content.

My journey has been full of ups and downs but languages, technology training and course creation still remain my passion.

I started Lectimo to create a training business that offers services to both learners and training providers.


Learners can take courses in foreign languages or technology and learn how to moodle. A variety of delivery methods is available. 

You can learn English as a foreign language or even start a new language. Take a class online or join a group. 

Moodle is no longer daunting with our effective moodle training. Conquer the technology you need for online courses.

Training Providers

With my team, we aim to help language school owners, independent teachers and other training businesses learn from our journey and get access to the technology, know-how,  management solutions and support that they need to grow their business. 
Our consultants are qualified in TAE (Training and Assessment) and can help you map out your training outcomes.


The best thing about my job is meeting new people and sharing ideas so I would love to hear yours. Tell me about you, your passion, your obstacles. You can find me on email or Facebook.

Hello world and welcome to Lectimo!