Why I started Lectimo

Language teaching has always been my passion. Though my role has changed over the years, I never stepped away from the classroom. Even as a language school owner, I still put in many hours of teaching to help grow my business. How did I do this?

Well, I combined language teaching with my other passion: technology in education. Yes, the phrase has been used to the point where it practically means nothing. But when used right, there are many benefits to adopting new technology.

So what lead to this business? I started Lectimo so I could combine everything I love. Languages, Training and Technology.

So I got together with other experienced teachers, business owners and instructional designers to create Lectimo.

We provide language courses, Moodle courses and consulting services to freelancers who want to start their own training organisation.



We have spent many years in the classroom so we know what learners are looking for and how to help them achieve their learning goals.

Our moodle training will help you create your own course and use Moodle on a daily basis for your classes.

We provide language courses using various delivery methods including classroom, blended and online.



Our experience in teaching, running training schools, creating copy for their print marketing and designing their courses is the result of over 15 years of hard work. And we want to share our skills with other trainers, training managers, Directors of Studies to show them that there is an easier way to do things in their business even on a shoestring budget.

Running a teaching/training business without support is hard work. But it doesn’t need to be!

Have you decided it is time you changed something? Are you wondering if you need to make changes in your business? It’s always a good time to train your staff and implement time-saving strategies. We love a good chat and want to hear from you!